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About me

naturally making scents.

I aim to bring you simple, trusted and natural skincare. Skincare that makes sense as it only ever uses natural ingredients. Based on the edge of the Lake District, this place provides natural inspiration that informs my approach. I know you are smart and want to make considered choices about what you put onto your skin and therefore into your body. I won't lecture you with facts, however if you want to know more, check out 'our happy' page

labels that make sense.

My uncomplicated plan is to aim to follow a 'no more than 9' rule. Research shows the average person can recall between 5-9 items on a list. As I don't want to bamboozle you with long complicated labels, I promise to keep my ingredients elegantly simple. No sneaky nasty stuff  in my goodies. If ever a natural ingredient has a strange sound, you can trust me to clearly explain it.

be first to hear

Drop by, say hello. I promise to keep in contact as my formulations bubble over. I might even make one based on your inspiration.

e: hello@thehappybodyco.family

blog: thehappybodyco.wordpress.com