diy happy

why do these things yourself? saves you money, injects a bit of fun, uses natural ingredients


try this out at home, it's dead easy. 

what do you need?

about 30 minutes

1 cotton mulsin sheet (preferably organic but that's up to you)

1 tbsp of jojoba oil (because the properties of jojoba are most closely related to your skin's natural sebum production)

100 mls of liquid. for oily skin, I'd recommend witch hazel water or for normal skin you can use rose water

3 or 5 drops of roman chamomile essential oil

2 drops of tea tree essential oil (if you are an oily madam). reduce the roman chamomile essential oil to 3 drops if you are using tea tree.

a pair of scissors

a mixing bowl (preferably glass as it doesn't hold onto the scent of the oils, it's fickle like that but fickle is our friend here)

how do you prepare your sheet?

1. create a hannibal lecter style mask with your mulsin using the scissors (decent human beings & serial killers need to breathe and see, so cut holes in place for your mouth and eyes)

2. mix the jojoba oil and essential oils together in your fickle friend (glass bowl)

3. next, add in the liquid of your choice. don't worry that oil and water don't mix, for this it doesn't matter so much.  just stir really well and then add the muslin.  jiggle around the muslin so it absorbs all the good stuff

what now?

without soaking yourself (watch those oils), gently apply the cloth to your face. sit back, relax and think about whatever takes your fancy for 15 mins or so

remove cloth and massage residual oils into your skin 

enjoy your lovely revived face and prepare your ego for the admiring remarks about to come your way