3 things that make us tick

essentially family

"let's call it 'the happy body co' mummy"

H, aged 7 (my beautiful genius and constant inspiration....the reason I obsess about simple ingredients * ).

* the science bit. when your kid can't touch milk, soya or egg......you read a lot of packets, pretty much all the time. I promise nerd levels of scientific understanding are not needed for our stuff. No whey.

utter boswollox

The happy body co was created in response to 'boswollox'. If like me, you think, 'what is that?', then join the club. After 7 years researching food products, my attention was switched to skincare products. I found the same baffling array of strange unpronounceable stuff in the contents. The answer to this problem was to make my own skincare loveliness, only do it with natural ingredients and share it with you. I aim to have no more than 9 ingredients in any product, so you can finish reading the label without being exhausted or confused.

science stuff

I believe natural and effective products are the way forward for skincare. However, I don't want to sound like a cult and preach about the worthiness too much.  You are smart enough to know what's good for you, you don't need me 'telling' you all the time.  I do use natural preservatives. No-one wants mouldy items, a lot of natural brands fail to add effective preservative or use synthetic preservatives, that isn't me at the happy body co. I do things properly because I have the right knowledge and training to underpin my values and methods.